March 26, 2012

Sufferers of chronic pain and the government’s war on OxyContin - Health -

Sufferers of chronic pain and the government’s war on OxyContin - Health -
I don't have much time so I won't write much.
I have been talking a lot about the Oxy Contin-Oxy NEO controversy here in Canada, and the way it came across.
No coverage was given to people legitimately using Oxy Contin, and what the policy changes means for them.
This article starts off with the statement: “Chronic pain is even worse to live with than lung, cardiac or liver disease. Bad chronic pain is connected with the worst quality of life. People don’t realize that it is a disease on its own, not just a symptom.”
It could not be truer.
I am in a strangle hold with my doctor, where he is afraid giving me any more pain relief will be doing harm. There's another form of harm, and that is doing nothing.
I would rather live a shorter life but be able to LIVE than live a long life like this. I am already having issues with my health that are not going anywhere, my liver, my large intestine is diseased with either crohn's or Colitis, and they can't even do a test to check because of other issues, where I am not digesting properly
On top of that, I am getting more and more migraines, nausea, and general pain.
My hands swell almost every day to the point of not being able to hold a pencil, I get headaches that if I ignore them and keep typing, turn into migraines almost all the time now, and yet, my mind is awake, active, and begging me to challange it.
\Do you know what torture that is.
Relationships are non existant, and can I blame anyone for not wanting to go through this with me?
It's not easy to sit there and waste away, not able to do much at all, and not allowed to drive, not able to work...I was always going to escape this hellish town, and now I am reliant on it. This is killing me. I want to be able to use my days as many as I have left, to live, and take what may come when it finally beats me. This is no life.
Anyway, sorry, it's just that's how bad things are when you're sick with this. then there's the judgment from others.
This article addresses a few things about  pain in general, and the coverage of the oxy conflict is getting some light other than just focusing on the addiction part of it
I hope you can read this, and send it to others, and raise awareness for this horrible illness.
thank you

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